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What Are the Best Types of Food That Can Be Eating?

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Food is any material consumed in order to supply the organisms nutritional requirements. Food is generally of animal, plant or fungi origin, and includes important nutrients, including proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, or other minerals. In addition, food provides energy and the calories that provide the body’s daily energy requirement. Therefore, food is a primary source of nutrition, which is determined by both genotype and lifestyle.

There are four major categories of food, including protein, carbohydrate, fat and fiber. Protein constitutes about 80 % of the total calories we eat. Meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy produce are the major sources of protein. The type of protein may be either animal or plant based. Animal-based proteins are generally considered to be more nutritious than plant-based ones.

Carbohydrates are a primary source of energy in the diet. The diabetic should plan to limit the amount of refined carbohydrates (white bread, pasta, etc.) In addition, carbohydrates provide a source of glucose, which is also a main source of energy in the body. The main macronutrients in carbohydrates are starch and sugar. Simple carbohydrates are those that can be derived from vegetables, fruits, legumes and some grains.

A well balanced diet consists of different food groups for the different parts of the day. The recommended food groups are protein, vegetable, legumes, fruits and grains. A varied amount of each of these food groups is generally healthy. However, too much of one type of food can cause overeating, which leads to obesity. This leads to an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and other diseases.

Fruits and vegetables are the best source of vitamins and other nutrients. They provide a large number of micronutrients and antioxidants. A proper balance of nutrients is important if you want to maintain a healthy weight. The majority of fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins A, C, potassium, fiber and phytochemicals.

Diabetic diets should consist of foods that are rich in fiber and starch, which are both essential for proper digestion and absorption of food nutrients. By following a well balanced diet, the blood sugar level stays more consistent and does not rise or fall too much during the night. This helps in preventing hunger and keeps you satisfied, thus reducing the risk of developing obesity and other diseases.

Some food sources contain complete proteins that your body requires. If you cannot find animal products, you can eat food that contains a small amount of protein and carbohydrates. Eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, chicken and fish are excellent sources of protein. When coupled with carbohydrates, animal products provide an excellent source of fiber, too. However, these sources of protein and carbohydrates are difficult to get at in dieting.

Beans and lentils are two types of food that are commonly overlooked as sources of nutrition. They provide proteins, minerals and other nutrients. However, they are a little bulky and do not easily digest. Thus, they should be consumed in limited amounts. Sunflower seeds, walnuts, sesame seeds and other legumes are other excellent sources of food that are eaten frequently and help you maintain a healthy weight.

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