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Drug Rehab – What is Propety and How Does it Work?

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Drug Rehab – What is Propety and How Does it Work?

What is Propety? Propety is an internet based treatment program designed for those who are battling with addictions to heroin and/or prescription pain medications. Propety has been approved by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS); it is a part of the FDA’s Medications That Need Prescription (M CTR) Program. Propety was developed by the Atlantic State University School of Nursing and is one of several programs in the Atlantic States Opioid Treatment Centers (OSAC).

When someone is searching for a program that will treat their addiction to medications, there is generally two types they may encounter: governmental or private. Both have their pros and cons, and it’s important to know what is offered from each before committing one’s time and money to one or another. Propety is a government-run program, but one that is funded through local and state resources. Many addicts do not seek treatment in government funded programs, but there are other private rehab facilities that cater to those who do.

Propety offers its clients several ways to get clean. Clients are given the option of using a residential treatment facility or one at a local community center. Clients are also able to receive aftercare assistance in addition to on-site support in a residential environment. Either way, clients have the comfort of knowing that they are receiving help to combat their addiction to drugs and to stay clean and sober.

An initial meeting with a doctor at a local clinic where you can be seen and meet with a Propety counselor will go over your personal situation, your history of substance abuse, and any underlying health issues. The doctor will conduct a physical exam as well as gather information about your health condition and any medications you are taking. Information about the severity of your addiction and the current health status are also gathered during this meeting.

If you are a client of Propety, you’ll also undergo several therapy sessions. These sessions will provide the tools necessary to understand your dependence on drugs, develop a coping mechanism for staying clean, and encourage you to make healthy lifestyle choices. During the Propety program, you’ll learn coping mechanisms for staying drug-free such as exercise and meditation. You’ll also be exposed to the latest research about the long-term effects of drug use, both physical and mental. This will give you a more in-depth understanding of how addiction progresses.

Propety is committed to providing its clients with the highest quality of treatment possible. They do not simply focus on addiction and treatment, but instead extend all of their services to helping you achieve lifelong sobriety. This includes helping you re-train your mind and body to live a drug-free life through education, group therapy, and regular spiritual and fitness practices. To learn more about Propety and what they can offer you, contact their toll free number today.

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